‘a dark mood?’ substrand: an interview with manu luksch


With a hip-hop installation about algorithmic electioneering, and a film about the last human rights activist in the UAE on the horizon, I interviewed Somerset House Studios resident Manu Luksch about the effects of emerging technologies on daily life, social relations, urban space, and political structures.

Manu Luksch has an eye for the eerie, culverted, and insidious aspects of technology: how surveillance is choreographing our movements, how algorithms modify our behaviours, and how our futures are predicted. She is compelled by a sense of responsibility: to be someone making a change rather than simply commenting on a phenomenon, after all the extent of companies’ social listening, data harvesting, and user analysis is so enormous and so complex that for most it appears far too opaque to bother interrogating.


Me: A dark mood?

ML: YesCombing through the small print of our Faustian pact with communication technologies allows me to reclaim spaces for intervention, participation, change and ultimately to fight alienation (and resignation).

Read the full piece here.

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