art fund: curator of the month 2017

I began interviewing curators from institutions across the UK in 2016 as a lowly Communications Assistant. In 2017 I posted some of my favourites: Karin Walton, who’d been in (and loved) her same job for 43 years; Alistair Murphy, whose answers (and pictures) and level of detail were a delight to edit and even more so to read; Alice Sage, who at the time was working on an exhibition about automata; and my friend and colleague Rob, whose response to my edits was ‘can you do this, but for everything in my life?’.



Little or no thought went into my career aspirations, other than wanting to live near the sea

Alistair Murphy from Cromer Museum on dinosaurs, music, and the pull of the sea.

Emma Roodhouse  discusses curating Constable and installing art in 10 Downing Street and her work at Colchester & Ipswich museums.

Elly Summers on fashion, dress, and the lace archives at Fashion Museum, Bath.

Christopher James Young talks about curating Spence – The Art of War at Preston Park.

Karin Walton spoke about the challenge of having to move more than 5,000 glass and ceramic items and about how she’s worked for Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for 43 years.

Olivia Ahmad from House of Illustration on the importance of a broad mind.

Alice Sage introduces us all to the existence of the dog collar museum and her work at the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh.

it’s nice now that our eldest child has stopped destroying plants and instead taken more of an interest in watering them (and himself), maybe one day I will be able to interest him in some weeding!

Hannah Firth from chapter. suggested clickbait title: from Beamish to the Biennale.

Rob Dingle the man, the marvel, Art Fund’s very own: the person who is doing The Most and doing it all exceptionally.

Miguel Amado on the way curatorial practice is best informed by political activism and his work at mima.

Read 2016’s Curator of the Month interviews here.

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