3 of Cups: launch

In July 2017, alongside peers working in the arts (V&A, National Gallery, and RA) and publishing (IB Tauris, Granta, and DK) I co-launched a micro-press dedicated to providing a platform for voices otherwise unheard in the mainstream.


That same month we began our inaugural campaign with the aim of securing writers, raising the profile of the press, and securing support from other micro-presses and the publishing community at large.

This campaign had three major elements: launching the website, a twitter campaign, and launching the kickstarter.

As it lends itself so well to storytelling and is used by so many authors, an interested public, and publishers in the industry, we opted to use Twitter to tell story of how press was founded, what its aims are, to introduce the board, and, over the course of the Kickstarter, introduce the writers and artists featured in the first book.

Having explored Kickstarter’s ‘successful project’ analytics, we identified that Kickstarters with frequent updates are most successful, as they keep the funders’ interests piqued. With this in mind, we decided to release, week-by-week, information about the confirmed authors and artists.

In August 2017, we launched a month-long campaign with the aim of raising £6000 to cover the cost of creating a b-format paperback book, to pay all board members and contributors, and to put towards our next publications. We raised all the funds necessary within 3 days, and were picked as one of Kickstarter’s ‘Projects We Love’ – an accolade given to projects that generate the most excitement in the Kickstarter community – for the duration of the campaign.

Having reached our goal, we were able to create the stretch goal of £8000 to add more writers, expand our print run, and create a sister-podcast.

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